To Get Fans You Need to be One

Social media is a lot like marriage. If you want to get engaged you have to be the person somebody wants to be engaged with. So many social media strategies focus on you the user or me the brand. What is so overlooked is that social media can be thought of as a living breathing ecosystem.

One option is to play top level predator and dominate everyone below you but if you fail to pull it off you will starve to death. Instead focus on a more symbiotic relationship and help each other out. The best thing you can do is focus on others. If you see a post that you want to share be sure to credit the source. If somebody posts a photo you like then like it. If you really like the photo then offer it a positive critique. 

The thing is by engaging others you will make yourself noticed and people will want to get involved in what you are doing in social media. It seems like a paradox: the best social media strategy for you to get started is to think about others. If you want fans then you need people to want to cheer for you. People love to cheer for those who have helped them in the past.  

A smaller loyal following will do more for you then a large number of people who barely know you exist. 


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