The numbers on Google+ from Google


“Google+ is a ghost town” – Everyone.

“Google+ is putting a hold on acquisitions” – Us.

“Blah blah blah blah” – Everyone else.

These are all things that people have been saying since Google+ launched last year. Some of these thoughts and feelings are based solely on what people can wrap their heads around, and that Google must be trying to compete with Facebook, therefore setting its bar at 950M-plus users, and a movie starring Justin Timberlake.

Sorry, folks, it’s just not reality whatsoever, even if it makes for good headlines and coffee-shop discussions. I’ve spent a lot of time using Google+, studying Google+ and most importantly, speaking with the folks at Google behind the platform. What I can tell you is that Google is extremely happy with the socialization of its business, products and image.

So, yeah.

Google+ is not a “social network”, it’s a…

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