Monochrome or Colour?

As photographers and digital artists when we edit our images we are confronted with the dilemma of colour or monochrome (which some refer to as Black and White but I call monochrome). We all shoot in colour so its not like the old days when we made our choice by what film we loaded into the camera.

This is one shot that I felt best illustrated in monochrome. It was getting late in the day and my eye caught the way the sun was filling in the runs of this bridge on Toronto’s Centre Island. I felt monochrome really helped to communicate it.

Another little thing at work with this photo is I masked the bridge in black and set the opacity of the layer to multiply and then reduced to to about 40% opacity. This helps to separate the bridge from the background and helps to create a bit of a 3D illusion in the mind.


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One response to “Monochrome or Colour?

  1. Interesting. Graceful curves always catch my eye, whether human or architectural. Your use of black and white is also eye-catching.

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