I like this photo simply for the patterns and bright colours. Well it won’t win any awards I think it van illustrate a few points.

The reality of this photo is it is a floor organised in neat vertical and horizontal rows. By rotating the camera diagonally and tilting the camera more towards me it creates the exaggerated perspective you see here.

There was a skylight above it casting this horrible blue colour cast. The way I eliminated it was identify where on the RGB curves the white tiles were. I assumed they were white and adjusted the curves accordingly to make them white and as soon as I did the colour cast disappeared. That is a magic trick that never gets old for me.

Finally I flattened the image and converted it to LAB and then steepened the A and B curves in equal amounts. LAB curve adjustments are my preferred way to up the colour saturation.

The last bit of magic to do when I was in LAB wad steepen the L curve at points 40 and 70 to give the midtones more contrast.

There you have it. A few ideas on removing casts from your pictures and a quick intro into working with LAB.


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