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Models – To Bring an Escort or No?

Modelling 101 - Tips from a Zombie

For those who’ve never heard the term out of the context of ‘paying women to go on a date’, escorts are people, animals, teddy bears (etc) that models bring along to photo shoots. Models may feel the need to have an escort for security, creative directive ability, or simply to feel more at ease. Escorts have been quite the debate in this industry and I’m going to try and cover it from all sides and give my personal opinion as well. 

While this is a job, career for most, there are still a lot of ‘iffy’ situations that happen and continue to occur in the industry and that’s enough to make someone quit modeling. Instead, these models have escorts. Some clients and photographers encourage it as they know it will give the model a sense of ease during the shoot and therefore get better photos than from a model who…

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