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Why I love the New iOS 6 Maps (and you should too)

Unless you live in a cave then you are probably very much aware of the problems Apple is having with their new maps application. In the interests of full disclosure I should state my phone is Android and I have never used the new iOS 6 Maps. I would also like to state that this article is not intended at all as a form of sarcasm.

The iOS 6 Maps quite frankly are a terrible embarrassment. For the Apple Evangelists out there it must be terrible humiliating. Apple the largest tech company in the world can not produce a good maps application even after all the resources it pulled in to do it. While I could use this as an opportunity to gloat I will not.

Maybe you remember MapQuest or even used to use it? Once upon a time in a previous life MapQuest used to be the best thing we had. When Google Maps came out it too was a terrible product and full of terrible mistakes. Fast forward to today and nobody even thinks of MapQuest while Google Maps not only matched it feature for feature but became the dominant mapping application.

If we have learned anything in the last 48 hours maps are a big app that we all depend on. Apple to their credit figured it out a while ago and hated that their user base depended on their rival so they decided to do their own. Apple Maps may be terrible now but given time I am sure Apple with their resources and hardcore Evangelists will make Apple Maps equal to today’s Google Maps in terms of functionality.

That being said Google can not afford to rest on their laurels and are going to introduce new features and opportunities in Google Maps to make it a better alternative to Apple Maps. This is why I love the new iOS Maps. Maps and all their applications are about to get a whole lot better really fast and we as consumers only stand to reap the rewards.

Let the map wars begin.


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